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Expert Witnesses

The challenge of being both an Engineer and an Expert Witness

As the risks associated with insurance claims and legal disputes increase, the need to establish solid partnerships and to rely on competent expertise is a matter of survival and profitability for risk and insurance managers and their legal counsels.

The opinion of a qualified forensic engineering professional, as to the precise origin and cause of losses and the apportionment of related liabilities, is a most valuable asset. This is the every day task of the professional engineers, technologists and fire investigators at CEP-Sintra. We are acutely aware of the importance of the opinions that we deliver to our clients in the handling of their claims and legal disputes.

CEP-Sintra has continuously refined and improved its methods of technical investigation and its resources to offer its clients professional services of the highest standards of quality. Our multidisciplinary team of professional engineers and scientists ensures that, first and foremost, the most appropriate consultant is assigned to each specific case.

On the site of an accident, every detail is recorded with adequate notes, drawings and state-of-the-art visual documentation. When required, computer-based models and simulations are used to complement the validation of the considered scenarios. All these factual elements are included in an accurate, concise and simply-worded report to present and support our professional opinion in a clear and convincing way. By the time our engineers have formed their final opinion, all possible scenarios for a given loss, accident or disaster will have been reviewed, analysed, and interpreted.

The pursuit of excellence in every area of our activities is, for us, a never-ending quest.