Every year, CEP-Sintra participates in various events and considers them an important asset for the industry and a good occasion for all professionals and their colleagues to meet and interact on issues that ultimately help the growth of the industry and thus of their profession.

Here are the activities where CEP-Sintra will be present this year:

In Ontario

CAFI (Canadian Association of Fire Investigators)

  • Annual Golf Tournament

Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, International

  • Blue Goose Initiation of Goslings - March
  • Blue Goose Annual Scotch Nosing Event - May

OIAA (Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association) 

  • OIAA Claims Conference - February
  • Provincial Conference & Trade Show - May
  • Golf Tournament - June
  • Out-of-Town Meeting
  • Kawartha/Durham Chilli Cook-Off - April
  • Kawartha/Durham Golf Tournament - August

Thousand Islands Insurance Adjusters Association (TIIAA)

  • Curling Bonspiel - March
  • Thousand Islands (TIIAA) Luncheons
  • Thousand Islands (TIIAA) Horseshoe Tournament - June
  • Thousand Islands (TIIAA) Golf Tournament - September

OVAA (Ottawa Valley Adjusters Association)

  • Luncheons
  • Curling - Spring
  • Past President Night - Winter
  • Annual Golf Tournament - July

TIWA (Toronto Insurance Women's Association)

  • TIWA Luncheons (monthly)
  • TIWA Wine & Cheese - February
  • TIWA Golf Tournament - August

WICC (Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade)

  • Wine & Cheese - October
  • Sugar Shack Breakfast - Spring
  • Annual Golf Tournament

Other events:

  • Engineering Insurance Conference

In Quebec

ACDSA (Association canadienne des directeurs de sinistres d'assurance)

  • Tournoi de golf annuel - May

AESIQ (Association des experts en sinistre indépendants du Québec)

  • Cabane à sucre - February
  • Tournoi de golf annuel - June

AESMB (Association des experts en sinistres de la Mauricie Bois-Francs)

  • Party des Fêtes - December
  • Tournoi de golf annuel - July

AFAM (Association de femmes d'assurance de Montréal)

  • Cocktail et lancement de la programmation - September
  • Breakfast and Lunch Seminars
  • Cocktail de la présidente - November
  • Soirée levée de fonds - April
  • Tournoi de golf annuel - July

AFAQ (Association de femmes d'assurance de Québec)

  • Cocktail et lancement de la programmation - September
  • Breakfast and Lunch Seminars
  • Encan-bénéfice
  • Cocktail de fermeture

AFASLSJ (Association des femmes d'assurances du Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean)

  • Tournoi de curling annuel

AGRAQ (Association des gestionnaires de risques et d'assurance du Québec)

  • Cocktail de la rentrée - September
  • Lunch Seminars
  • Dîner des Fêtes - December
  • Journée Gestion des risques - February

APAE (Association des professionnels de l'assurance de l'Estrie)

  • Party de Noël - December
  • Tournoi de golf annuel - June

Assurances de dommages IARD (Incendies, accidents, risques divers)

  • Tournoi de golf annuel de Québec
  • Tournoi de golf annuel du Bas St-Laurent

 IADQ (Institut d'assurance de dommages du Québec)

  • Gala de l'assurance - March

OHOBI (Ordre honorable de l'oie bleue international)

  • Souper d'huîtres - October
  • Souper aux homards - May
  • Tournoi de golf annuel - August

SESQ (Société des experts en sinistres de Québec inc.)

  • Banquets d'huîtres - September
  • Souper de homards - June