Technical Seminars

Here is a list of some of the Technical Seminars offered by CEP-Sintra's forensic engineers that are most in demand. The duration of these seminars may vary from 2 to 4 hours:

  1. Wood Heating and Fire Hazard
  2. Electrical Systems Analysis
  3. Analysis of a Fire Scene
  4. Introduction to Vehicle Fires
  5. Analysis of Electrical Systems on a fire Scene
  6. Introduction to Alarm Systems
  7. Building Envelope
  8. Interaction between Soils and Foundations
  9. Technical Investigation of Sewer Blockage and Backup
  10. Pool Failures and Problems

The content of each seminar is very comprehensive and gives participants a better understanding of the topic and the tools necessary to handle these insurance claims.

For more information on our Technical Seminars or to organize a seminar in your own office, please contact:
Toronto: 905 404-0237
Ottawa: 613 234-1668

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