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Collision Reconstruction

When it comes to collisions, there are numerous contributing factors that must be considered. In order to determine liability, you need to know the full picture, one that examines all the variables. You need to know whether speed, road conditions, visibility, or vehicle dynamics played a role in the collision. And you need to understand if human error or driver response contributed to the accident. Consideration of all these factors provides the clearest picture of what occurred in a collision and helps clients in their consideration of liability issues. 

CEP-Sintra's team of collision experts has experience with all facets of collision investigation. Our collision investigators know which questions to ask, what to look for and how to determine when a more in-depth investigation is required. Our expertise in collision reconstruction and human factor analysis is respected and utilized by clients across Western Canada. The opening of our Waterloo office and the arrival of Paul Gullekson, an experienced collision reconstructionnist, now allows us to offer this service in Ontario.

At the conclusion of our forensic investigations, our clients have the information they need to determine liability and resolve matters.

Our experts can handle all aspects of an investigation, from site inspection to expert witness testimony in court.

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Collision Reconstruction