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Environmental consulting

The demands for Environmental Expertise are quickly increasing, as more and more issues come to light that raise the interest of the public, media and governments. The expensive costs related to environmental remediation, consequences of polluting agents on health and sustainability of our ecosystems, is just one of the factors resulting in this increase of interest.

As a result, industrial, commercial and even residential activities are increasingly governed by complicated regulations, and the failure to comply may potentially subject the accountable person or organization to much more significant fines than before.

CEP-Sintra provides extensive support to its clients in all aspects of an environmental investigation, using a multidisciplinary approach combined with a made-to-measure method for claims related to insurance and civil liability.

CEP-Sintra experts will determine the cause and origin of environmental disasters, coordinate the necessary emergency interventions, determine the environmental consequences and even help to control and limit the financial impact of an incident.

In the context of litigation, or claims related to oil spills, when needed, CEP-Sintra experts use sophisticated methods of environmental investigation and work closely with reputable experts in forensic sciences to identify the polluting agent and determine the relative time at which the pollution occurred. This extra information can make a significant difference when it comes to determining liabilities during a trial.  

Insurance claims for environmental expertise are generally separated in two main categories:

  • Chemicals or oil spillage, either in industrial or residential environment;
  • Contamination due to mould or asbestos.

To better address environmental expertise needs, CEP-Sintra offers a wide range of services covering the main reasons for insurance claims.

Our team of experts can help with multiple services:

  • Origin and cause determination
  • Contaminated sites characterization?
  • Environmental monitoring of remediation projects?
  • Counter-expertise and claim assessment?
  • Management of spills and contamination in residential, commercial and industrial settings?
  • Spill management related to road accidents
  • Management of products or materials likely to contain asbestos?
  • Mould contaminated site remediation?
  • Required certification as part of division IV.2 of the Environment Quality Act

Our experts handle all aspects of an investigation, from site inspection to expert witness testimony in court.

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