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Asbestos investigation for claims analysis

Asbestos is mostly found in several materials used to construct buildings in the 80's. However, some building materials - such as mechanic insulating material - are likely to contain asbestos if it was installed before 1999.

Though renowned as toxic, asbestos still takes advantage of an exclusion in Quebec, which keeps it away from being called a hazardous material, but the management of products that contain asbestos is regulated. The products that contain asbestos are controlled by binding requirements and their handling has to be made in compliance with the regulation in effect.  

Furthermore, since June 2013, the presence of materials likely to contain asbestos must be recorded in a register and the employers whose workers are likely of being exposed to asbestos must ensure that the working spaces are safe.

Considering the obligations related to asbestos exposure and handling, it is recommended that asbestos related files be entrusted to a qualified professional, which can also guide you during the procedures of the materials management.