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The cause of a fire cannot be determined without the identification of a proper origin area. The origin actually is the starting point of the fire; where the ignition source and the fuel came together. The cause is what made it happen (improper electrical installation, arson, human activity, etc.).

Determining the cause of a fire or explosion event needs to be done according to the scientific method. NFPA 921, "Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigators" of the "National Fire Protection Association" describes the best current practices in terms of fire and explosion investigation.

According to Article 17.1 of NFPA-921, the determination of the point of origin is the first task that an investigator should undertake, validate and confirm prior to determining the fire cause. If the point of origin is not correctly identified or is not identified with a sufficient degree of certainty, then the cause of the fire cannot be determined.

CEP-Sintra experts are trained in the analysis and documentation of the post-fire evidence for the purpose of determining the origin and cause of the fire and explosions. Each hypothesis is verified and validated according to scientific methods, as well as through experimentation and modelling if required.

The academic training of our investigators, their large experience, and the continued refinements of our working methods make CEP-Sintra's experts an outstanding and reputable team, especially when facing a critical situations and potential litigation.