Injury claims are a challenge for the entire insurance industry. Not only are they costly and time consuming for everyone involved, but they are also difficult to investigate and even harder to substantiate.

There are two key variables in any injury event - the individual who is injured and the thing that causes the injury. While that may seem obvious and simplistic, each involves varying degrees of complexity. To make sense of the complex issues in any injury scenario, you need an expert who is familiar with both the mechanics of injury and the injury mechanism. A bio-mechanical engineer is uniquely positioned to provide expert insight into both.

CEP-Sintra's injury experts bring an in-depth understanding of the injury investigation process to every case. We understand that our clients need to know if the injury was caused by the incident in question, if the injury was exacerbated by a pre-existing condition, and if it could have been prevented. That's why we focus on providing clients with information that helps them determine liability and move ahead with confidence.        

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