Biomechanical Analysis

A biomechanical engineering injury assessment focuses on the mechanism and magnitude of the impact forces that were present. More specifically, did a mechanism exist to produce the reported injury and if it did, was there sufficient magnitude to produce the reported symptoms? This type of analysis can be applied to any injury scenario but is commonly applied to injuries resulting from collisions.

When collisions result in bodily injury claims, insurers need to know that the injury is consistent with the forces experienced during the collision. CEP-Sintra's injury and collision experts work together to analyze and evaluate the forces involved in collisions, and determine if those forces could have caused the specified injuries.

Using information derived from collision reconstructions about the speeds of the vehicles and the change in velocity resulting from impact, our injury experts can use that information to determine the extent of injuries that would likely result from these collisions. During our investigations, we pay particular attention to seatbelts and how their use can lessen or prevent injuries altogether. As part of this, we can alert our clients to the merits of a seatbelt defense.