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Equipment failure and vehicle mechanics

Losses related to vehicles are complex investigations requiring several fields ?of expertise such as fire, vehicle mechanics and electricity investigations to uncover any recovery, subrogation or fraud issues. It is quite frequent that a vehicle fire may damage surrounding buildings and/or nearby vehicles, adding more complexity to the investigation. This is why CEP-Sintra adheres to a scientific approach to determine the cause of vehicle fires or failures.

CEP-Sintra has been handling vehicle losses for more than 25 years. Our licensed Engineers have been refining their methods of investigation to keep up with the evolving technology found in vehicles. Vehicle mechanics, automotive and heavy equipment's failures and fire are just a few examples of CEP-Sintra's array of expertise.


Following a motor vehicle collision, insurance companies often have to determine who was at fault. At CEP-Sintra, our engineers specializing in accident reconstruction can be of assistance. Our team will review the physical evidence left at the collision site such as tire marks and gouges on the pavement, and the damage sustained by the vehicles. They will estimate how the vehicles were engaged at impact, where they were located on the road when the collision occurred, where they came to rest, and apply scientific principles to objectively determine what happened. By understanding how a collision occurred, liability can be more easily divided between the involved parties.


There is often much more to a vehicle fire than the damage exhibited at first sight. Indeed, several fields of expertise might be involved in a vehicle fire investigation such as mechanics, and electricity. In extreme cases, it might require an expert to investigate on the damage to nearby buildings or vehicles.

Our Vehicle failure investigation team of experts provides a wide range of forensic engineering services related to:

  • Road Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Recreational Vehicles (snowmobiles, watercrafts, ATV)
  • Forestry and Farm Equipment
  • Railway Equipment
  • Tool Vehicles
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Collision Reconstruction
  • Vehicle Fires