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Pyrite and pyrrhotite in foundations

Whether it is pyrite or pyrrhotite reactions in concrete, these phenomenons present significant problems that must be addressed. Indeed, owners of affected buildings know all too well the financial impact it implies.

Whichever the form of the reaction and that it be called pyrite, pyrrhotite or any other name, the iron sulfur compounds can cause damage to the foundations and to concrete.

The first signs appear as cracks and spalling, which can also be associated to other phenomena that can impact the concrete, such as freeze-thaw, alkali-silica reaction and deterioration due to sulfates in general, which can also be found in soil.

Since the symptoms can be misinterpreted with a visual inspection, an investigation is necessary for the identification of the exact cause. To identify the proper course of action, the ongoing process deteriorating the concrete must be established.

At CEP-Sintra, although our experts might not be able to eliminate these compounds from the foundations, they will be able to better identify those responsible and help build trustworthy arguments in case litigations.